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Did Obama lose California?, Or was vote closer?, Romney votes missing, Obama votes plummet, Mail in ballots problem?, Something rotten in state of CA

Did Obama lose California?, Or was vote closer?, Romney votes missing, Obama votes plummet, Mail in ballots problem?, Something rotten in state of CA

“I’m here to vote because I’m standing on my religious views. I’m a Democrat but I’m voting for Romney because he believes in the same values and morals that I stand on,”...CA voter, KABC News

Did Obama lose in California?

Something is definitely rotten in the state of CA.

The following 2012 CA counts were captured at approximately 9:00 AM today.

Obama…… Romney… Johnson.. Stein… Barr……Hoefling.. Total

5,863,499  3,816,757  104,350  61,004  39,031         0            9,884,641

The following 2012 CA counts were captured at approximately 2:45 PM today.

5,958,059  3,870,455 106,147  62,005   39,627 29,064   10,065,357

In 2008,  13,474,082 votes for president were cast.

As of 2:45 today 10,065,357 votes for president were cast.

That is a difference of 3,408,725 votes.

In 2008 Obama received 8,274,473 votes.

So far in 2012 Obama has received 5,958,059 votes.

That is a difference of 2,316,414 votes.

Obviously some of those votes Obama didn’t get went to Romney.


In 2008 John McCain received 5,011,781 votes.

So far in 2012 Romney has received 3,870,455 votes.

Does any rational person believe that Romney received that much less than McCain?

Especially with Obama’s drop in votes.

Let’s assume for a moment that 1 million fewer people voted in 2012.

Where’s the rest of the votes?

Consider the following.

A record number of Californians have registered to vote.

Field Poll estimated there would likely be a million fewer voters than in 2008.
Field poll predicted nearly thirteen million Californians or about seventy percent of registered voters would cast ballots.
Fifty one percent of voters will vote by mail.

“Those probably don’t get counted for another couple of weeks,” Mark DiCamillo, Director of Field Poll

People have been questioning how Mitt Romney could get fewer votes than John McCain. CA is part of the answer. How many mail in ballots remain to be counted and what controls are in place to insure security and accuracy?

Remember, California had one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. It is plausible that this race could be much closer.


NC voting machine errors update November 6, 2012, 2010 federal judge ruling, SBOE memo, Precincts following rules?, Explicit warning signs and procedures

NC voting machine errors update November 6, 2012, 2010 federal judge ruling, SBOE memo, Precincts following rules?, Explicit warning signs and procedures

“if you see something at the polls that just doesn’t seem right…Record it” “Call the True the Vote National Election Integrity Hotline 855-444-6100.”…True the vote

“That Gary Bartlett, Chairman Leake, and John Wallace colluded in an attempt to derail, distract, and obstruct the investigation by SBOE into the financial irregularities and illegalities of the Perdue for Gov. Campaign”….NC GOP June 25, 2010 report on SBOE

I spoke with a NC GOP official a short while ago. I asked if the federal judge ruling in NC from 2010 is still applicable. He stated that it was. He had the understanding that the local elections board was aware of the ruling. I told him of my experience that the precinct workers were unaware of the federal judge ruling. I do not recall seeing the proper sign & no poll worker brought the issue to my attention, even after I asked.

My concern elevated when I discovered that the problems are still occurring in 2012 after happening in 2008 and 2010.

Here is one of the better reports on the ruling.

From the Brad Blog October 30, 2010.
“Federal Judge Rules in Favor of NC GOP in Touch-Screen Vote Flipping Complaint
Orders ‘voter alert’ posted at polls, programming materials, records retained…”

“North Carolina counties which use touch-screen voting systems will now have to post a “Voter Alert” at precincts warning voters about potential problems with the machines following a complaint [PDF] filed in federal court by the state’s Republican Party on Friday. The lawsuit, heard today on an expedited basis, was filed after voters in several counties hadreported to party officials that their attempts to vote for straight-ticket Republican ballots were flipping on the screen to straight-ticket Democratic ballots.

Those reports of vote-flipping led to the NC GOP issuing a threat late this week to sue the State Board of Elections (BoE) if their demands were not met to order certain precautions be taken at polling places which used the 100% unverifiable Direct Recording Electronic (DRE, usually touch-screen) voting systems. After the Executive Director for the BoE sent a letter in response to the GOP’s demands, downplaying the reported incidents as “isolated” and “no different than ones that must be addressed in every election,” the Republican complaint was filed in federal court on Friday afternoon. (The sharp letters back and forth between the state GOP and BoE can be read in our previous report on the NC situation.)

Judge Malcolm Howard tonight also ordered that pollworkers must tell voters to read the printed alert, and that memory cards and other programming materials, records and audit logs from the oft-failed ES&S iVotronic touch-screen DREs must be preserved for examination after the election. Late today, the BoE Executive Director Gary O. Bartlett sent a notice [PDF] to the County Boards of Elections detailing the changes ordered by the federal judge.

The “Voter Alert” to be posted in all precincts using the touch-screen voting systems must read as follows…

See News 14’s coverage here and coverage from local NBC affiliate WITN here for more details.

The remedies sought, and gained, by the Republicans, however, fail to address the fact that no matter how “carefully” a voter reviews their on-screen ballot to ensure their “vote is accurately cast”, there is still no way to know that the voting system will record those votes as intended. Moreover, there is no way to know after the election whether the results actually reflect the will of the electorate, as we recently discussed in this article at Slate detailing some of the closest and most-watched races in the nation which will likely be determined on identical or similar 100% unverifiable DRE systems next Tuesday.

Removing systems from service once they are reported to be failing would be the safest way to deal with such problems, but long time North Carolina Election Integrity advocate Joyce McCloy, Director of NC Coalition for Verified Voting and editor of Voting News, explained to The BRAD BLOG tonight that many of the state’s counties wouldn’t have enough machines or back-up paper ballots to handle the election if failing machines were removed from service.

In past elections, most notably in both 2006 and 2008, it has been largely Democratic voters who have complained that their attempted touch-screen votes were seen flipping to Republican (or other party’s) candidates. Little action was taken on their behalf by either elections officials or the Democratic Party. Many of those who complained were tarred as being being “conspiracy theorists” or “sore losers” by Republicans, and both elections officials and voting machine company representatives generally marginalized the complaints as either non-existent or “human error” on the part of the voter.

According to the NC GOP’s attorney Tom Farr, similar arguments were made by the BoE in this morning’s proceedings. “What I heard in the argument today was, the problem with the touchscreen voting machines are the fault of the voters, not the State Board and we have to preserve the integrity of the State Board and its reputation. And that’s more important than making sure that voters had their ballots counted accurately, and that’s what I thought was outrageous,” Farr told the media after the court hearing.

Another report of votes flipping from Republican to the Green Party on a straight-ticket ballot, as caught on cellphone video, occurred last week in Texas (along with a report of another voter who saw his vote flip from Democratic to Republican in a different TX county.) In Nevada a Republican voter claimed her touch-screen vote was pre-selected on screen for Sen. Harry Reid in his tight race against Republican Sharron Angle. In both instances, local election officials downplayed the incidents by blaming the voters.

Such occurrences have marred virtually every election since the proliferation of unverifiable touch-screen voting was enabled by the federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002. While many jurisdictions have decertified the systems in favor of paper ballot-based optical-scan systems, some 20 to 30% of the nation’s voters still use DREs at the polling place.

McCloy told The BRAD BLOG this evening that the state had been set to ban DRE systems all together some time ago, until the legislation was scotched after apparent lobbying by election officials in counties who use, and very much like, the systems. Afterwords, the legislation was reportedly modified to allow the touch-screen systems to stay in place.

ES&S voting systems have a storied history of failure. In 2006, the iVotronics were found to have inexplicably failed to record some 18,000 votes in a special election for the U.S. House in Florida (in which the Republican candidate was declared the “winner” by just 369 votes). That incident led to the state getting rid of virtually all of their touch-screen systems. ES&S iVotronics were also used at the polling place for South Carolina’s primary where Alvin Greene, the unemployed South Carolina veteran who failed to campaign or even have a campaign web site, inexplicably defeated four-term state Senator and former Circuit Court Judge Vic Rawl for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination.”

Read more:

After the federal judge ruling in 2010, Gary O. Bartlett, Executive Director of the SBOE, State Board of Elections, issued the following memo on October 30, 2010.

I do not recall seeing either of those signs.

From the voting machine errors in Guilford County NC. Notice the signs at minute 2:54. They do not match the ones from the memo.

The attitude of boards of elections in NC seem to best be summed up by the following quote:

“What I heard in the argument today was, the problem with the touchscreen voting machines are the fault of the voters, not the State Board and we have to preserve the integrity of the State Board and its reputation. And that’s more important than making sure that voters had their ballots counted accurately, and that’s what I thought was outrageous,” said Tom Farr NC GOP attorney.

More on Gary Bartlett and NC State corruption from Citizen Wells June 29, 2010.



NC voter fraud, Dead people voting in Guilford Cumberland Forsyth Davidson counties?, 112 year olds, Carolina Transparency data from State Board of Elections

NC voter fraud, Dead people voting in Guilford Cumberland Forsyth Davidson counties?, 112 year olds, Carolina Transparency data from State Board of Elections

“In 2007, Merritt’s office uncovered 24,821 invalid driver’s license numbers and 700 invalid Social Security numbers in the voter registration database; 380 people who appeared to have voted after their deaths; and a handful of votes cast by 17-year-olds in previous election cycles.”…Carolina Journal October 26, 2010

“The end justifies the means, the template of the left.”…Citizen Wells

“The past, he reflected, had not merely been altered, it had
actually been destroyed. For how could you establish, even
the most obvious fact when there existed no record outside
your own memory?”…George Orwell, “1984″

Our population is aging but not this much.

Carolina Transparency, a user friendly database from the Civitas Institute, that gets data straight from the State Board of Elections, reveals an unrealistic number of 112 year olds voting in some NC counties.

Guilford 1,011 32.88%
Cumberland 821 26.7%
Forsyth 716 23.28%
Davidson 230 7.48%

I can assure you that there are not that many 112 year olds in any of those counties.

So, the obvious question is: Are dead people voting?

That is, are the registrations of deceased people being used by others to vote illegally?

Somebody has some explaining to do.

From the Civitas Institute.

“NC Vote Tracker is back for the 2012 General Election! Vote Tracker is the user-friendly database at the Civitas Institute’s Carolina Transparency website ( that helps us all wade through early voting numbers. The data comes straight from the State Board of Elections (SBOE) website, where it is refreshed each morning with the previous day’s early voting activity. First introduced in 2010, NC Vote Tracker allows us to break down the early voting data by party, age, gender, race, congressional and state House and Senate districts.

The first numbers we will be seeing from Vote Tracker are from absentee by-mail ballots. This year, just as in 2010, the absentee ballots were scheduled to be mailed Sept. 7, 60 days ahead of Election Day, but most counties failed to meet the statutorily required deadline. The two largest counties (Mecklenburg and Wake) told Civitas that they would be mailing their absentee by-mail ballots on September 22, so expect a jump in the numbers at that time. Unfortunately, this delay will have the biggest effect on the military vote. The biggest jump in numbers will come the day after One-Stop voting, which begins on Thursday, Oct. 18 — you can be sure that this form of voting will not be delayed.

In 2008 more than half of the votes in North Carolina were cast early. Of the 4,352,739 total votes cast in the 2008 General election, 2,411,116 were cast at One-Stop early voting, 227,799 by absentee by-mail voting, and 1,714,824 on Election Day.

In view of the fact that early voting has become very popular, we should expect most voters to vote early this year too. (It is important to note that in the 12 years since one-stop early voting was enacted, it has not increased voter turnout in North Carolina) We can also expect more people to vote this year, seeing that on August 30, 2008 there were 5,921,166 people registered to vote in North Carolina and on September 1, 2012 the State Board of Elections documented 6,026,628 registered voters. That’s an 8.2 percent voter registration increase in just four years.

Perhaps the most revealing numbers and those that will give us a better picture of the voters’ mood in this year’s election are the voter registration trends after the 2008 General Election. Since January 2009 the Democratic Party voter rolls have decreased by 109,945 voter (-1.75 percent), Republicans have lost 7,957 voters (-0.13 percent), Libertarians have gained 11,410 voters (+.18) percent and the unaffiliated ranks have grown 222,205 voters (+3.54 percent). With the knowledge that the unaffiliated ranks have grown and both major parties have decreased in number, we will be looking at voter turnout in the early voting period with a whole new perspective.

So, instead of waiting until after the election to find out who voted, we can get a head start by utilizing NC Vote Tracker to track voters who choose to vote early by mail or in-person at an early voting site.”

Thanks to commenter truefreedom.

Hawaii Governor Abercrombie no Obama birth certificate, Governor’s office uncooperative, WND inquiries, Sheriff Arpaio Obama records investigation

Hawaii Governor Abercrombie no Obama birth certificate, Governor’s office uncooperative, WND inquiries, Sheriff Arpaio Obama records investigation

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“I do not know where Barack Obama was born. I do know that he has used taxpayer dollars to keep his records hidden.”…Citizen Wells

“Why is Obama now employing private attorneys to keep his name on state ballots, despite compelling evidence that he is not a natural born citizen?…Citizen Wells


From WND June 12, 2012.
Reporter smacked down for asking about issue governor raised”

“Even though Barack Obama posted on the White House website an image of a Hawaiian birth certificate, and many, many reporters around the nation have declared the dispute “over” and “closed,” asking Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s office about Obama’s eligibility, which Abercrombie himself presented as a major issue to resolve, still is radioactive.

The question WND sought to ask today was what happened in the governor’s self-promoted research into the issue of Obama’s birth documentation, resulting in his statement that there was a “written record” but not much other detail.

After all, just a few weeks later when Obama dispatched a private lawyer to Hawaii to fetch his documentation, the state apparently had only to run off the copies.

In Abercrombie’s office today, spokeswoman Donalyn Delacruz expressed that she was happy to help WND with questions – until she found out the subject.

When asked in an email identified as being from WND if there ever was an explanation for Abercrombie’s not finding the documentation in light of its easy access to state officials a short time later, she refused to answer.

“What news organization are you with?” she demanded. “We get frequent birther questions and this would fall in that category.”

Subsequently, she refused to respond to email questions about the issue that the governor raised.

When WND called, a receptionist in the office responded to the same inquiry with “That’s been done” – apparently meaning president had released the birth certification image. But she indicated she would not respond to further questions, promising to take a message and have someone call back.

No one did.

WND had questions about the anomalous results: The governor’s stated inability to find the documentation, and the state agency’s later simple recovery and alleged duplication of the same record.

It was shortly after his election that Abercrombie vowed to end the questions from those who doubted Obama’s status as a “natural born citizen.” Those questions centered on his concealed birth certificate because of the belief that an individual born out of the United States would not be a “natural born citizen.”

There are those who say he isn’t eligible no matter his place of birth, because a “natural born citizen” would be the offspring of two American citizens. In fact, there is a court hearing pending in Florida next week on that very issue.

Stated Abercrombie then, “We’ll do what we can as quickly as we can to make it inevitable that only those who wish the president ill, only the ones with a political agenda, will be the ones doing this kind of thing.

“The president is entitled to the respect of his office and he’s entitled to have his mother and father respected,” he said.

He said he was instructing his attorney general and the chief of the state’s health agency looking at what legal avenues can be used to release information.

“This is a transparent state in terms of our communication with one another,” Abercrombie said. “This is the aloha state. We care for each other, we look out for each other, we’re family.”

He told CNN in that interview that he would pursue the information regardless of the feelings of the White House.

“It’s a matter of principle with me. I knew his mom and dad. I was here when he was born. Anybody who wants to ask a question honestly could have had their answer already,” he announced.

CNN reported that he charged ahead, declaring that his response and what he would release publicly would not be left up to the president’s whims.

“It’s not up to the president,” he said. “It has nothing to do with the president. It has to do with the people of Hawaii who love him, people who love his mom and dad. It has to do with respect the office of the president is entitled to. And it has to do with respect that every single person’s mother and father are entitled to.”

Obama’s narration states that he was born Aug. 4, 1961 at Kapiolani hospital in Honolulu. That report came after several earlier reports alleged he was born in Queens hospital.

However, after a flurry of high-profile media interviews in which he blasted “birthers,” Abercrombie suddenly went silent even though polls reveal nearly six on 10 doubt Obama’s own eligibility story.

He told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser about Obama’s documentation: “It actually exists in the archives, written down.” The Daily Mail however, said Abercrombie “suggested that a long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate for Barack Obama may not exist within the vital records maintained by the Hawaii Department of Health.”

However, when Obama wanted the records, the state instantly waived a ban on reproducing long-form birth certificates and copies were produced to be delivered to Judith Corley, a private attorney.

Loretta Fuddy, director of health in Hawaii in 2011 when Obama made the request, wrote, “We hope that issuing you these copies of your original Certificate of Live Birth will end the numerous inquiries received by the Hawaii Department of Health to produce this document.”

That document Abercrombie said “may not exist” later was the subject of a law enforcement investigation, which concluded that it likely is a forgery, and if presented as a valid government document, that action could constitute fraud.

The results of WND’s inquiry today duplicated Abercrombie’s response to WND at the time the controversy developed in 2011. At that time, his press secretary said Abercrombie refused to be interviewed by WND.

“The governor did an interview … in which this topic [Obama's eligibility to be president under Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution] was raised,” Delacruz, Abercrombie’s press secretary, said in an e-mail to WND.

“He [Abercrombie] has been on vacation since Saturday and is unavailable. Hope this helps you understand. You are in no way being singled out as your e-mail suggests,” she said.

But despite the denials, Delacruz at the time did not respond when WND followed up with a request for an interview with Abercrombie at the governor’s convenience after he returned from vacation.

Eventually, Delacruz said the attorney general had announced privacy laws bar the governor from disclosing documentation.

Abercrombie had said earlier he wanted the issue finished because of the “political implications” it would have during the 2012 election. Those, he said, “we simply cannot have.”

But as part of Abercrombie’s promotion of the issue, it was revealed that his links to the controversy run deep.

For example, although he has acknowledged he was not present at the still-unidentified hospital in Honolulu to witness Obama’s birth, Abercrombie long has claimed he socialized with Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham Obama when Barack Obama Jr. was yet a baby.

“Maybe I’m the only one in the country that could look you right in the eye and tell you, ‘I was here when the baby was born,’” Abercrombie told the Chicago Tribune in an attempt to provide personal testimony to buttress the argument Obama was born in Hawaii as he has long claimed.

Abercrombie was a graduate teaching assistant in sociology at the University of Hawaii when Barack Obama Sr. arrived in 1959 from Kenya to enroll as the first African-born student in the university’s history.

The problem with Abercrombie’s testimony is that Barack Obama Sr. and his wife, Ann Dunham, did not live together as man and wife with their baby son as Abercrombie claims to have witnessed.

WND has published transcripts from the University of Washington in Seattle that prove Ann Dunham was enrolled in extension classes there, across the Pacific, within three weeks of the baby’s birth.

WND further has documented Ann Dunham’s Seattle address in authoritative Seattle street directories from the period and interviewed Barack Obama Jr.’s babysitter in Seattle to further document the presence of Ann Dunham and her baby in Seattle, not Hawaii as Abercrombie has claimed.

WND also has reported that the address used in the two Hawaii newspapers in 1961 announcing the baby’s birth was 6085 Kalanianaole Highway in Honolulu, an address maintained by Ann Dunham’s parents, Madelyn and Stanley Dunham.

In August 1961, when Barack Obama Jr. was born, Barack Obama Sr. maintained a separate address on 11th Avenue, in Hawaii.

There is no documentary evidence that Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham ever lived at the same address together as man and wife.

Moreover, university transcripts from the University of Washington and the University of Hawaii demonstrate that Ann Dunham remained in Seattle, fully enrolled in university courses, until she returned to Hawaii in 1962 to re-enroll in the University of Hawaii after Barack Obama Sr. had left Hawaii to attend graduate school at Harvard in Cambridge, Mass.

Also, contrary to Abercrombie’s assertion that he spent social time with Barack Obama Sr., his wife, Ann Dunham, and their child, Barack Obama Jr., the documentary evidence strongly suggests that while Ann Dunham was in Seattle attending the University of Washington, Barack Obama Sr. lived the life of a bachelor in Honolulu.

WND has published a photo of Barack Obama Sr. at a University of Hawaii student party that he attended without his wife, Ann Dunham; the photo clearly shows his left hand absent a wedding ring.”

Bill Clinton Barack Obama Not Eligible, Bettina Viviano Hollywood Producer interview, DNC Pelosi Dean Reid committed fraud, Obama stole 2008 election

Bill Clinton Barack Obama Not Eligible, Bettina Viviano Hollywood Producer interview, DNC Pelosi Dean Reid committed fraud, Obama stole 2008 election

“Why did the Clintons withhold information about Obama’s eligibility deficiency in 2008?”…Citizen Wells

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Why is Obama now employing private attorneys to keep his name on state ballots, despite compelling evidence that he is not a natural born citizen?…Citizen Wells

I consider Bettina Viviano, a Hollywood Producer, a friend and a patriot. I have not spoken to her in a while so I left her a message a few minutes ago to thank her for her work and the interview.

Birther Report has supplied some key points of the interview. Hats off to them.

“Minute – Mark Conversation Subject
17:00 – 1st Portion with Bettina Viviano. How she came to become involved, overview of all complaints.
20:39 – Accuses Pelosi, Dean, Reid of committing the fraud
21:00 – California withheld vote because they were going to stand for Hillary despite railroading
22:00 – Claims Democrats would drive through skid row and pay them to vote with liquor and booze as well as getting Alzheimer’s patients to vote.
23:30 – Has seen the New Black Panther party HQ in Houston to plan to steal election.
53:00 – Women from Trinity United Church who knows Obama well, witnessed intimidation similar to Philadelphia Black Panther incident.
55:30 – Bettina’s partner may be intimidated by threats.
56:45 – 21 year old Black Delegated Threatened With Murder
57:15 – Obama campaigns for Islamist, Terrorist Cousin in Kenya (Odinga)
1:00:15 – The ORIGINAL BIRTHERS were Bill & Hillary Clinton. Bettina heard it DIRECTLY out of their mouths.
1:01:42 – She has personal knowledge Hillary made a deal the night before she stepped down. Her friends said the Obama and Clinton camps were yelling and screaming at each other for 3 days in the ugliest exhibition of politics they’d ever seen.
1:02:00 – She claims it was widely known at the time that John McCain was not qualified as a natural born citizen either. Link
1:04:00 – From a top Democrat Party leader: George Soros had meetings with both Barack and Hillary telling them his agenda was to tear this country to the ground. Obama reportedly said “no problem.”
1:12:24 – She was at the caucus for Rick Perry in Iowa and at one, 99% of the votes were for Ron Paul and they were all Democrats.
1:43:15 – She “knows for a fact” they threatened to kill Bill Clinton and did kill his friend, Bill Gwaltney.
1:44:30 – I heard it out of Bill Clinton’s mouth that Obama wasn’t legitimate.”

From Citizen Wells September 25, 2009.

I first began hearing about ACORN in early 2008. I first began writing about ACORN in August of 2008 when I discovered they were involved in corruption and voter fraud. Then I read some of the analysis of Dr. Lynette Long, who took data from the primaries and caucuses as well as witness stories of ACORN and Obama thugs controlling these processes. I soon discovered that a documentary was being produced of voter fraud. I went to the website and from time to time checked on their progress. Early in 2009, a mutual friend of the producer, Bettina Viviano, introduced me to her and I had several conversations with Bettina about the documentary and the sad state of political affairs in this country.

I spoke to Bettina last night about the status of the documentary. It was on track to be completed next year, but she was receiving a lot of interest due to the recent events exposing ACORN corruption to a wider audience. They may be able to complete the documentary sooner. She also admitted that when she first began investigating voter fraud, she was not aware that ACORN was behind much of it. We also discussed our other projects. It is good to know there are level headed, real Americans in HOllywood.

Here is a short bio from the website:

“Bettina Sofia Viviano
Producer/Literary Manager

Bettina Viviano has had a successful career in entertainment as a producer and literary manager for twenty-five years. She began her career at the prestigious William Morris as an agent trainee, before moving on to Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, where she attained the position of Vice President of Production. At Amblin, Bettina worked on such movies as Back to the Future 2 and 3, Cape Fear, Land Before Time, Schindler’s List, Always, Roger Rabbit, Indiana Jones 3, etc.

After leaving Amblin, Bettina became a literary agent at BBMW, representing writers and directors. In 1990 she began her own production and management company, Viviano Entertainment, Inc. and since has sold pitches, scripts books, etc. for millions of dollars on behalf of her clients. As producer, Bettina has made a long list of movies including Three to Tango, Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire, Family Sins, Strange Hearts, Nightmare Man, Alibi, and Caught in the Act. She currently has many high level studios pictures in development and is producing Freedom House for Reliant Pictures/MGM, starring Terrence Howard, Jack and Jill starring Adam Sandler, and indie film American Crawl to be directed by Bradley Novicoff in the Fall of 2008.”

Dr. Lynette Long short bio

“BIO: Dr. Lynette Long is a licensed psychologist practicing in Bethesda, Maryland.  She is the author of twenty books including fourteen math books.  Dr. Long has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs and was the host of One on One with Dr. Lynette Long.  She recently published Op-Ed’s in both USA Today and the Baltimore Sun about the current election cycle. Her blog is”

Reported  on August 25, 2008 here:

“FROM THE TEXAS CONVENTION   They shoved Obama signs in Clinton delegates’ faces, three inches from the nose, called them racists, and told my friend that she had to move from her third-row seat in one meeting and go sit in the back.  She also said that the proceedings were heavily laced with black power speeches by preachers as well as public officials.” Here are some exerpts from the analysis of data by  Dr. Lynette Long:

“by Lynette Long

On March 4, 2008, Texas held its Democratic Primary, affectionately called the Texas-Two Step.  Polls were open from 7 am to 7 pm and then after the polls closed, persons who voted in primary could participate in a caucus. According to CNN a total of 2,867,454 votes were cast in the Democratic Primary with 1,458,814 (51%) votes cast for Senator Hillary Clinton and 1,358,785 (47%) votes cast for Senator Barack Obama, and a smattering of votes (49,855) for John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, and Chris Dodd combined. A total of 8,247 precinct conventions, commonly called caucuses, took place throughout the 254 counties in Texas, most of which were held at each precinct’s Primary polling place. If 100 people attended each of these “caucuses” than at least 800,000 people attended caucuses. The Dallas Morning News reported a projected turnout of 1.1 million.  Overwhelmed by the participation, Texas stopped counting the results at only 41% of precincts counted. As a result of the Texas caucus, Obama was awarded 56% of precinct delegates and Clinton was awarded 44% of the precinct delegates. Since people who voted in the caucuses were required to have voted in their precinct, the voters in the caucus were statistically a subset of the voters in primary, but the results were statistically different.  A more sophisticated analysis is required.”

“Concerns about high voter turnout and the inability of the precincts to adequately handle the number of participants and monitor the election process are rampant.   On the night of the caucus itself, the Clinton Campaign brought many instances of these irregularities to the attention of the State Party. The
campaign received in excess of 2,000 complaints of rules violations, indicating widespread violations of the Party’s rules, including the following specific occurrences that are clear violations of specific

  • Voter Fraud – Temporary Chair packets were released by the election judge prior to 7:00 pm. Sign-in sheets were filled out before 7:00 pm by voters participating in the primary who did not participate in the caucus.
  • Voter Fraud –  Inaccurate written records of participants’ presidential preferences.
  • Voter Fraud – Precincts were consolidated for purposes of holding a convention.
  • Voter Disenfranchisement – Precinct caucuses began before polls closed for the primary.
  • Voter Fraud  – Ineligible participants voted or ineligible delegates were elected, including participants who were not registered voters, participants who did not vote in the primary, and provisional voters whose votes were counted; and no verification was made of the eligibility of participants or delegates.
  • Voter Fraud – Participants’ names and presidential preference were entered on sign-in sheets by someone other than the eligible individual participants.
  • Voter Fraud – Results were taken from a head count or hand count rather than the written roll.
  • Due Process – Delegate votes were not ratified by the precinct convention.
  • Due Process – Failure to follow Robert’s Rules of Order at the precinct convention.”

Citizen Wells article – Dr. Lynette Long & Texas voter fraud

Here is a sample video from Bettina Viviano’s production group, “We will not be Silenced.”

Watch the 20 minute documentary segment and more videos:

What you have just viewed is the tip of the iceberg.
Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen of the US. Obama signed a statement in Arizona attesting that he was qualified and a natural born citizen. Nancy Pelosi’s signature is on many documents implying that Obama was a qualified candidate. There is now controversy regarding two different documents in New Hampsire with Nancy Pelosi’s signature.

Barack Obama stole the Democratic caucuses, primaries and nomination and then went on to steal the POTUS. ACORN has worked beside him before and every step along the election process.
When you contact Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others, remind them that a Hollywood producer began investigating and filming about voter fraud and ACORN in 2008.

And, oh, by the way, what has Patrick Fitzgerald been doing?


Obama PA ballot challenge update, Charles Kerchner, Other state ballot and primary challenges to Obama eligibility, Obama natural born citizen deficiency

Obama PA ballot challenge update, Charles Kerchner, Other state ballot and primary challenges to Obama eligibility, Obama natural born citizen deficiency

“Why did Obama employ Robert Bauer of Perkins Coie, to request an advisory opinion on FEC matching funds that he was not eligible for?”…Citizen Wells

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Why is Obama now employing private attorneys to keep his name on state ballots, despite compelling evidence that he is not a natural born citizen?…Citizen Wells

From CDR Charles Kerchner February 19, 2012.

For Immediate Release

Copy of Commonwealth Court of PA filing by Kerchner & Laudenslager against Obama now online

The copy of the PA  ballot challenge objection against Obama filed on Friday, 17  Feb 2012,  in the Commonwealth Court of PA in Harrisburg PA can be downloaded at the link in my blog:

In addition, for you convenience, a PDF copy of the complaint/objection is attached.

WE NEED YOUR HELP:  If you can please help this legal action to expose the usurper resident in our Oval Office.  Support the PA Ballot Challenge/Objection against Obama filed in PA today.  Please donate:

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Lehigh Valley PA USA

From WND, World Net Daily, February 19, 2012.


“Even as a challenge to Barack Obama’s name on the 2012 primary election ballot in Georgia moves to the appeals court level, the next state up for the arguments appears to be Indiana, which in just the last few weeks has removed a state official from office over eligibility issues.

And there appear to be other state challenges lined up to follow even that one, including pending cases in Mississippi and Arizona.

Citizens across the country are utilizing each state’s election procedures to challenge Obama’s name on the 2012 ballot because of questions over his eligibility which were raised during the 2008 campaign but have yet to be resolved.

Two mainstream arguments are that he either was not born in the state of Hawaii as he has claimed, which could make him ineligible under the Constitution’s requirements that a president be a “natural born citizen,” or that he doesn’t qualify for that status since he’s written that his father never was a U.S. citizen.

Many analysts believe the Founders considered a “natural born citizen” to be the offspring of two citizen parents. A Supreme Court opinion from 1875 seems to support that argument.

California attorney Orly Taitz, who has handled a number of cases challenging Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office on the grounds he’s not eligible, confirmed to WND that she has a hearing scheduled Feb. 24 before a state commission in Indiana regarding a challenge to Obama’s eligibility.

“Indiana is a very important state, as recently they threw out of office … their Secretary of State Charlie White for not updating his voter registration card,” she reported.

It is important to shove in front of the elections board … all the evidence of Obama using a stolen Social Security number and a forgery instead of a birth certificate. I want to see how they will justify keeping … Barack Obama on the ballot after they removed the secretary of state for something minor,” she said.

In fact, it was reported just this week that now-former Secretary of State Charlie White was removed from office and the state Supreme Court now is deciding the procedures to replace him.”

“The Supreme Court justices repeatedly have refused to address the constitutional questions involved. The justices apparently are “avoiding” the Obama issue, according to one member of the court. Last year, Justice Clarence Thomas appeared before a U.S. House subcommittee when the issue arose. Subcommittee Chairman Rep. Jose Serrano, D-N.Y., raised the question amid a discussion on racial diversity in the judiciary.

“I’m still waiting for the [court decision] on whether or not a Puerto Rican can run for president of the United States,” said Serrano, who was born in the island territory. “That’s another issue.”

Yet after Serrano questioned him on whether or not the land’s highest court would be well-served by a justice who had never been a judge, Thomas not only answered in the affirmative but also hinted that Serrano would be better off seeking a seat in the Supreme Court than a chair in the Oval Office.

“I’m glad to hear that you don’t think there has to be a judge on the court,” said Serrano, “because I’m not a judge; I’ve never been a judge.”

“And you don’t have to be born in the United States,” said Thomas, referring to the Constitution, which requires the president to be a natural-born citizen but has no such requirement for a Supreme Court justice, “so you never have to answer that question.”

“Oh really?” asked Serrano. “So you haven’t answered the one about whether I can serve as president, but you answer this one?”

“We’re evading that one,” answered Thomas, referring to questions of presidential eligibility and prompting laughter in the chamber. “We’re giving you another option.””


Obama Missouri Ballot Challenge, Hector Maldonado, Former US Senate candidate, Combat veteran, MO Secretary of State challenged Maldonado in 2010

Obama Missouri Ballot Challenge, Hector Maldonado, Former US Senate candidate, Combat veteran, MO Secretary of State challenged Maldonado in 2010

“Why did Obama employ Robert Bauer of Perkins Coie, to request an advisory opinion on FEC matching funds that he was not eligible for?”…Citizen Wells

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Why is Obama now employing private attorneys to keep his name on state ballots, despite compelling evidence that he is not a natural born citizen?…Citizen Wells

From The Post & Email February 13, 2012.

“Obama Ballot Challenge Filed in Missouri”


“Dear Patriots,
I am dedicated to the ideal that each of us can impact the outcome of the 2012 elections. This Tuesday ironically Valentine’s Day 2012, at 08:15am in hearing room 5, in the basement of the Missouri state capitol building there will be a hearing on the second attempt to force the Missouri Secretary of State to properly have vetted and certify with best evidence available, the credentials of the President and the Vice President in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

In 2010, during my campaign for the U.S. Senate; I was required to provide evidence of eligibility to run for office. If I had failed to do so by such date, I was going to be removed from the primary ballot by the Secretary of State. In my case she was doing her job and I proudly obliged. Later, I found out that I was singled out or flagged according to the person at the elections office.

The president continues to profess that we are all to play by the same set of rules. As such I have taken it my personal responsibility to ensure that all candidates running for federal office this year play by the same set of rules. All candidates, including the President and Vice President need to provide irrefutable proof of eligibility. Furthermore, in spite of the 2000 report from the inspectors general office published in Kansas City, all documents must be submitted and verified for authenticity. No exceptions will be made if we are all to truly play by the same set of rules.”

“Today we are more divided than we ever have been in American history.  We find elected state and federal officials take an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution but then turn a check to suit political interest. As an officer in the United States Army, I have taken that same oath five times in my 15 years of service.  The first time I took the oath was on August 14, 1995 when I became an American citizen.  American Military men and women like me take that oath seriously and we are willing to give our lives to defend it.  It’s a personal insult to Veterans when politicians ignore their duty to support and defend the U.S. Constitution and they don’t.   There is a complete lack of true transparency and oversight in our political process.”

“This hearing to me is not about any single person.  Rather it’s about the integrity of our complete governing system.  As evident in the 2000 report, document fraud is prevalent in all aspects of our lives. Of which the most prevalent is birth certificate fraud and identity theft.   Document fraud cost Missouri Taxpayers millions of dollars every year, it cost the U.S. Government billions of dollars every year.  If we are to protect our political, economic, and national security interest whilst at the same time save tax-payer dollars by cracking down on welfare fraud, voter fraud, identity theft, healthcare fraud what better place to start than at the top if we are all to play by the same set of rules?  We have established long ago, during the Nixon Administration that no one, including the President is above the law.”

Read more:

Thanks to commenter observer.

Obama kept on GA ballot by Secretary of State Brian Kemp, Kemp upheld Judge Malihi ruling, Obama attorney Jablonski on Kemp Advisory Council

Obama kept on GA ballot by Secretary of State Brian Kemp, Kemp upheld Judge Malihi ruling, Obama attorney Jablonski on Kemp Advisory Council

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Why is Obama now employing private attorneys to keep his name on state ballots, despite compelling evidence that he is not a natural born citizen?…Citizen Wells

“Why did Indiana Appeals Court Judge Elaine B. Brown place the following in her ruling: “The same rule was in force in all the English colonies upon this continent down to the time of the Declaration of Independence, and in the United States afterwards, and continued to prevail under the constitution as originally established.””...Citizen Wells

From the Obama Ballot Challenge February 7, 2012.

“Kemp Upholds Deeply Flawed Georgia Ballot Challenge Ruling”

“Well, it appears tha GA Secy of State Kemp has upheld Malihi’s denial of the ballot challenges.

Last Friday’s ruling (see hearing video, transcripts) on the Obama Eligibility Challenge cases of attorneys Hatfield, Irion and Taitz was so over the top absurd, that it may cause tectonic shifts in the movement’s aproach to Obama’s obvious ineligibility.

Attorney Mark Hatfiled offered his strong RESPONSE to the Friday ruling by Malihi.

Taitz offered her APPEAL. No attorney has fought more battles in this war, nor suffered more defeats and ridicule.

Kemp, who previously said he would follow the recommendations, was presented with a dilemma. The question was, would he follow recommendations which obviously not only ignored, but twisted law and facts into a pretzel shape? Now we know the sad answer. There are precedents for SOS overruling of administrative judge rulings, even for Judge Malihi.

There appeared to be reasons for hope, when the Secretary of State assigned the Ballot Challenge cases to Malihi, when Malihi struck down motions to dismiss, to cancel subpoenas for Obama’s appearance in court and to compel providing documents.

When Obama attorney Jablonski tried to make an end run around Mahili’s court and quash the entire hearing, Kemp fought back and even said Obama and his attorney’s boycott would be at their peril.

In judge’s chambers, Mahili supposedly wanted to declare default judgment and the attorneys resisted, favoring an open hearing with evidence formally read into the record. They had only two hours to plead the biggest political scandal in history.

At this point, reasonable people need to contemplate whether we even have rule of law anymore and whether it could even be restored via working within the system. I am hearing much talk of extraordinary measures. God help us.”

And what a surprise this will be to you….right.

Michael Jablonski, General Counsel, Democratic Party of Georgia, who represented Obama in the Georgia ballot challenge and who defiantly refused to attend the hearing with Judge Malihi, is on the GA Secretary of State Elections Advisory Council.


Thanks to commenter SueK

Judge Michael Malihi ruling, Indiana Appeals court lies, US Constitution Vs English common law, Supreme court opinions, More Indiana corruption?

Judge Michael Malihi ruling, Indiana Appeals court lies, US Constitution Vs English common law, Supreme court opinions, More Indiana corruption?

“If in the opinion of the People, the distribution or modification of the Constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates. But let there be no change by usurpation, for through this in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.”…George Washington

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln

Indiana has been in the news recently for political corruption.

From Fox News October 18, 2011.

“Shocking election fraud allegations have stained a state’s 2008
presidential primary – and it took a college student to uncover them.

“This fraud was obvious, far-reaching and appeared to be systemic,”
22-year-old Ryan Nees told Fox News, referring to evidence he
uncovered while researching electoral petitions from the 2008
Democratic Party primary in Indiana.

Nees’ investigation centered on the petitions that put then-senators
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the ballot. As many as 150 of the
names and signatures, it is alleged, were faked. So many, in fact,
that the numbers raise questions about whether Obama’s campaign had
enough legitimate signatures to qualify for a spot on the ballot.”
Who wrote the Indiana Appeals Court decision that Judge Michael Malihi of Georgia quoted? The Obama camp? Mainstream media?

Did a judge actually write this?
STEVE ANKENY AND BILL KRUSE, Appellants-Plaintiffs,



November 12, 2009
BROWN, Judge

CRONE, J., and MAY, J., concur.
“B. Natural Born Citizen

Second, the Plaintiffs argue that both President Barack Obama and Senator John McCain are not “natural born Citizens” as required for qualification to be
President under Article II, Section 1, Clause 49 of the U.S. Constitution”

“As to President Obama‟s status, the most common argument has been waged by members of the so-called “birther” movement who suggest that the President was not born in the United States”

Did a judge actually write the above? If so it is at best unprofessional and inaccurate and at worst biased.

“Specifically, the crux of the Plaintiffs‟ argument is that “[c]ontrary to the thinking of most People on the subject, there‟s a very clear distinction
between a „citizen of the United States‟ and a „natural born Citizen,‟ and the difference involves having [two] parents of U.S. citizenship, owing no foreign
allegiance. Appellants‟ Brief at 23. With regard to President Barack Obama, the Plaintiffs posit that because his father was a citizen of the United Kingdom,
President Obama is constitutionally ineligible to assume the Office of the President.”

Once again, did a judge write the above? First, there is a clear distinction between citizen and natural born citizen. Secondly, the judge cannot possibly know what most people think. Thirdly, the law is not based on what a group of people think.

“It thus clearly appears that by the law of England for the last three centuries, beginning before the settlement of this country, and continuing to the
present day, aliens, while residing in the dominions possessed by the crown of England, were within the allegiance, the obedience, the faith or loyalty, the
protection, the power, and the jurisdiction of the English sovereign; and therefore every child born in England of alien parents was a natural-born subject, unless the child of an ambassador or other diplomatic agent of a foreign state, or of an alien enemy in hostile occupation of the place where the child was

III. The same rule was in force in all the English colonies upon this continent down to the time of the Declaration of Independence, and in the United States
afterwards, and continued to prevail under the constitution as originally established.”

The following

“and in the United States afterwards, and continued to prevail under the constitution as originally established.”

is a damn lie!

Anyone who has studied law and or history, anyone who has followed the natural born citizen debate, knows that although American Law was influenced by British Common Law, once we broke from the British Empire, we developed our own set of laws that are not identical to those of our ancestral lands.

For example:

US Constitution

Article I Section 2

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Third Congress,  1795 .

“…children of citizens  of the United States…shall be considered citizens of the United States; Provided That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons, whose fathers have never been resident in the United States…”

Further evidence can be found here:

Citizen Wells January 6, 2011.

From Sam Sewell of The Steady Drip.

“The Venus, 12 U.S. 8 Cranch 253 253 (1814)

The first was decided in A.D. 1814, at the beginning of the republic, by men who were intimately associated with the American Revolution.”

Being witnesses and heirs of the Revolution, they understood what the Framers of the Constitution had intended.

The Venus case regarded the question whether the cargo of a merchantman, named the Venus, belonging to an American citizen, and being shipped from British territory to America during the War of 1812, could be seized and taken as a prize by an American privateer.  But what the case said about citizenship, is what matters here.


In the Venus Case, Justice Livingston, who wrote the unanimous decision, quoted the entire §212nd paragraph from the French edition, using his own English, on p. 12 of the ruling:

Vattel, who, though not very full to this point, is more explicit and more satisfactory on it than any other whose work has fallen into my hands, says:

“The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives or indigenes are those born in the country of parents who are citizens. Society not being able to subsist and to perpetuate itself but by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights.

“The inhabitants, as distinguished from citizens, are strangers who are permitted to settle and stay in the country. Bound by their residence to the society, they are subject to the laws of the state while they reside there, and they are obliged to defend it…”

From attorneys and legal scholars:

From Attorney Mario Apuzzo February 3, 2012.

“Georgia State Administrative Law Judge, Michael M. Malihi, issued his decision on Friday, February 3, 2012, finding that putative President, Barack Obama, is eligible as a candidate for the presidential primary election under O.C.G.A. Sec. 21-2-5(b). The decision can be read here,

I must enter my objection to this decision which is not supported by either fact or law.

The Court held: “For purposes of this analysis, this Court considered that President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Therefore, as discussed in Arkeny [sic meant Ankeny], he became a citizen at birth and is a natural born citizen.”

But there is no evidence before the Court that Obama was born in the United States. The court can only rest its finding of fact on evidence that is part of the court record. The judge tells us that he decided the merits of the plaintiffs’ claims. But he does not tell us in his decision what evidence he relied upon to “consider[]” that Obama was born in the United States. The judge “considered” that Obama was born in the United States. What does “considered” mean? Clearly, it is not enough for a court to consider evidence or law. It must make a finding after having considered facts and law. The judge simply does not commit to any finding as to where Obama was born. Using the word “considered” is a cop out from actually addressing the issue. Additionally, we know from his decision that neither Obama nor his attorney appeared at the hearing let alone introduced any evidence of Obama’s place of birth. We also know from the decision that the judge ruled that plaintiffs’ documents introduced into evidence were “of little, if any, probative value, and thus wholly insufficient to support Plaintiff’s allegations.” Surely, the court did not use those “insufficient” documents as evidence of Obama’s place of birth. Nor does the judge tell us that he used those documents for any such purpose. The judge also does not tell us that the court took any judicial notice of any evidence (not to imply that it could). The judge did find that Obama has been certified by the state executive committee of a political party. But with the rules of evidence of superior court applying, this finding does not establish anyone’s place of birth. Hence, what evidence did the judge have to rule that Obama is born in the United States? The answer is none.

The court did not engage in its own thoughtful and reasoned analysis of the meaning of an Article II “natural born Citizen,” but rather relied only upon Ankeny v. Governor of the State of Indiana, 916 N.E.2d 678 (Ind. Ct.App. 2009), transfer denied, 929 N.E.2d 789 (2010), a state-court decision which erred in how it defined a “natural born Citizen.””

Read more:

From Attorney Leo Donofrio February 4, 2012.

“There is no “clearly expressed intention” to deem 14th Amendment citizens “natural born”. Those words were intentionally left out of the 14th Amendment. And Judge Malihi has simply overruled the U.S. Supreme Court by suggesting that the general citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment governs the specific requirement to be President in Article 2, Section 1.

Both clauses are not given separate effect by Malihi. His opinion holds that the 14th has the exact same effect as the natural-born citizen clause, while the 14th Amendment does not include the words “natural born Citizen”. Persons claiming citizenship under the 14th Amendment are deemed to be “citizens”. Malihi has added the words “natural born” into the Amendment. This is absolutely forbidden, according to Malihi’s own opinion in the Motion to dismiss, wherein he held:

“In the absence of words of limitation, words in a statute should be given their ordinary and everyday meaning.’ Six Flags Over Ga. v. Kull, 276 Ga. 210, 211 (2003) (citations and quotation marks omitted). Because there is no other ‘natural and reasonable construction’ of the statutory language, this Court is ‘not authorized either to read into or to read out that which would add to or change its meaning.’ ””

I recommend to the Georgia Secretary of State to have the Attorney General of GA read the Malihi ruling and that Judge Malihi be drug tested.

NC elections 2012, Ballot challenges, North Carolina election law, SBOE, State Board of Elections, Laws bias or corruption, Part 1

NC elections 2012, Ballot challenges, North Carolina election law, SBOE, State Board of Elections, Laws bias or corruption, Part 1

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Obama employ Robert Bauer of Perkins Coie, to request an advisory opinion on FEC matching funds that he was not eligible for?”…Citizen Wells

“Why is Obama now employing private attorneys to keep his name on state ballots, despite compelling evidence that he is not a natural born citizen?…Citizen Wells

NC elections 2012

North Carolina election law

Laws, bias, corruption

Part 1

I begin Part 1 of this series on NC Elections 2012, NC election law at a historic moment. As I sit here in NC writing this, Judge Michael Malihi may still
be pondering his decision for a ruling on the Obama ballot challenges in Georgia. His ruling is expected soon and the GA Secretary of State, Brian P. Kemp,
has stated he will abide by the judge’s decision. Regardless, this is significant for 2 main reasons. First, it the the first time I am aware of that a judge
is ruling on Obama’s eligibility based on merits and not some other issue like standing. Second, regardless of the ruling, there are stated avenues of appeal
in the GA Statutes.

Another historic aspect of NC elections and election law in 2012 is the Democrat National convention being held in Charlotte, NC this year. Obama won NC by a
very narrow margin in 2008. So small that had the outcome made a difference in the election, I would have been more involved in disputing it. Nevertheless,
individuals were indicted in 2011 in the Raleigh area for flagrant voter fraud in 2008. There was much controversy in Alamance County and other areas about
illegal aliens beeing allowed to register to vote. There is no reason to believe this has diminished.

In 2008, I read the election statutes of approximately one half of the states, emailed nearly all Secretary of States or other appropriate departments and
contacted several offices by phone. My intent was to inform them of deficiencies in the eligibility of Barack Obama and to get clarification of their
statutes. I also insured that they were forewarned so as not to have ignorance as an excuse later.

I am now focusing my energy on NC statutes and performance of duties. Sadly, in my home state, the aura of corruption in high and lower places must be
addressed. This has become a multi part series for several reasons. One is the sheer volume of items to be addressed. Another is going through protocols,
channels in an orderly fashion. However, I did not want to let much time elapse before informing you of the methodology and progress.

In 2008 I and others contacted the NC Secretary of State as well as SBOE, State Board of Elections. I must admit that my expections were low and the state
met them. However as I stated above, they were warned and consequently will be held accountable. It is no wonder that since then, former Governor Mike
Easley has been indicted and convicted of other infractions. Current Governor Beverly Perdue just announced that she will not run again. It is no wonder she
is backing off. Her administration has been plagued with scandal, some of which is tied to the NC State Board of Elections.

I will be addressing 2 main areas of concern as I attempt to get clarification of our statutes. One is the powers and duties of the board, not as tradition
dictates but as the US Constitution and State Law demands. The other is the level of corruption and bias within the board and other departments.

What will rule the priorities of NC Government this year? Will it be the US Constitution, State Laws and the rule of law


will it be the Democrat Party and the desire to look good hosting the Democrat Convention.

Our state motto is:

“Esse quam videri”

To be rather than to seem.

I guess we will find out.

From John Hammer of the Rhino Times February 2, 2012.

“North Carolina Gov. Beverly “Dumpling” Perdue announced last week that to benefit the school children of North Carolina she was not going to run for reelection. One might assume that Perdue thinks the school children of North Carolina will be better off without Perdue in the governor’s mansion. I agree with her, but for some reason I don’t think that is what she meant.

She tried to say in her terse announcement that by being a lame duck governor she would be better able to fight for school children. It makes no sense. There is a reason why they call someone in office who is not running for reelection a lame duck and that is because they don’t have much power. They cannot threaten to make opponents’ lives miserable for the next four years or threaten to veto legislation coming up in the next session. They can beg and plead, but a governor can do that whether they are running or not.

There are only two reasons that come to mind that would explain why a sitting governor who has repeatedly said she was going to run for reelection would, two weeks before filing opens, announce she isn’t going to run. One is health. I have it on good authority that the governor is not stepping down because of any health issues.

The other is because she has learned that she is about to be indicted. Her mentor, former Gov. Mike Easley, was indicted after leaving office and was convicted of a felony.

Several of Perdue’s 2008 campaign staff have been indicted: Her finance chairman, Peter Reichard, who is the former president of the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, was convicted of one felony in connection with the 2008 Perdue campaign. Two other people associated with the Perdue campaign were also indicted.

It is certainly possible that Perdue agreed not to run for reelection as part of a deal. Perhaps the US attorney agreed not to indict her until after she served her term if she agreed not to run for reelection

Of course it could be that Perdue realized there was no way she was going to beat Pat McCrory again and decided not to prolong the agony. However, that seems highly unlikely. Candidates almost always think they are going to win. They may say that they know they don’t have a chance but in their hearts they have this belief that somehow at the end of the night they will be declared the winner. I have interviewed candidates on the eve of the election who finished with less than 20 percent of the vote but they could explain in detail why despite the odds they were going to win.

Perdue beat McCrory once, even though the polls had said early on that McCrory was ahead.

One theory is that the National Democratic Party asked Perdue to step aside because she couldn’t win, and not having a strong candidate would hurt President Barack Hussein Obama’s chances of winning North Carolina. Right now it looks like Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton is going to be the Democratic candidate, and although he holds statewide office the vast majority of the people in the state have no idea who he is.

It just doesn’t seem possible that the National Democratic Party is so out of touch that it believes Dalton would help Obama more than Perdue. Of course, someone should tell the Obama campaign that they are not going to win North Carolina. Four years ago the Republicans ran an extremely poor candidate and the Democrats had an extremely charismatic one. Plus four years ago Obama was making history by becoming the first black person elected president of the United States. He can’t do that again.

Four years ago no one could blame Obama for the economy. Today people do blame Obama for the economy and it appears that his solutions have not worked, although he is going to campaign like they have.

It doesn’t look like Obama has much chance in North Carolina, but then again the Republicans could nominate a candidate who will give the race to Obama.”